Why Is Coinbase Not Working and How to Resolve This Issue?

With over 73 million users across the globe, Coinbase is a highly reputed cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade with some famous crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto-assets. Now, the question is why this crypto exchange is gaining huge popularity among the masses. Well, this is because of the usability features it offers to the world and the easy-to-use interface makes it even more loved by traders. However, a lot of users have lately been facing difficulty in using this exchange and this makes them think why Coinbase not working.

Coinbase Not Working

Thus, if you are also having the same question in your mind, then you have definitely landed on the right page. Here, on this page, we shall have a discussion on why Coinbase may be giving you a tough time, what issues you might be facing and what could be done to fix those issues.

So, let’s begin discussing these topics right away.

Why is the Coinbase app not working?

If you are not able to get into the Coinbase app, then there could be different factors responsible for the same.

  • You haven’t installed the latest updates of the Coinbase app
  • There is an issue with the Coinbase server
  • You haven’t cleared the cache, cookies, and other temporary files from your device

Ways to fix issues with the Coinbase app

To fix any issues with your Coinbase, all you need to do is follow these tips:

  • Install the latest Coinbase app updates on your device
  • Or, you may also get the app uninstalled and reinstalled
  • Make sure you keep on clearing Coinbase app data
  • Check if Coinbase servers are down or not, if yes, wait for some time

Why is Coinbase 2 step verification not working?

If you are having trouble with the Coinbase 2 step verification, then you do not need to worry about this and try to figure out the actual cause behind this problem. Well, the major reason why you may not be able to complete the 2FA is that you are entering incorrect verification details. If you input an incorrect verification code, then you are sure to face this problem and this would make you think why Coinbase not working.

Fix Coinbase verification not working

Now, to fix any issues with the verification of Coinbase, you should follow the simple steps that are given below. To make sure that you are using the procedure, you can repeat the process or try to ensure that you are entering the correct data in the login form. If you are not getting the verification code, then what you can do is check the network connectivity on your device.

Why is Coinbase not working?

Some of the known reasons why Coinbase may not be working are the following:

  • To begin with the list of issues, it may happen due to the poor internet connectivity issues
  • You will face this issue when there is a lot of Coinbase browsing history stored on your browser
  • Additionally, a user may also face the same problem when the Coinbase servers are down
  • When the Coinbase website face outages, you may not be able to use any of its features

Is Coinbase down?

To find out if Coinbase is down or not you can check if it is facing any outages or its website is undergoing any kind of maintenance by simply navigating to the “Coinbase status” page. In addition to this, you can also navigate to the down detector website and check if Coinbase not working.

If you get to know that Coinbase is facing any kind of technical issues, then what you can do is wait for some time and wait for the issue to get fixed.

Why is the Coinbase pro app not working?

The reasons why you are having a difficult time with using the Coinbase pro app could be due to the similar reasons that I have given for the Coinbase app. However, to be specific about the Coinbase Pro app, the following could be the reasons responsible for the same:

  • To begin discussing the list of responsible factors, we can say that a lot of users are facing this problem because they are using an outdated version of the application
  • Additionally, another major reason why Coinbase Pro may app may not work is due to the server-related issue
  • Apart from this, users may also face this issue when they try to use the app on an incompatible device

Ways to fix Coinbase pro not working

  • Reinstall the Coinbase app

If you have tried closing and opening

the application but you are still getting issues while using this app, then what you can do is uninstall the app from your device and get it reinstalled on your system. This shall help you use the Coinbase Pro app afresh.

  • Troubleshoot 2FA issues

Those users who are not able to complete the two-factor authentication issues should note that they can always re-attempt to login into their account. However, the next time they try to log in, they should make sure that they are entering the correct verification phone number and verification code.

  • Try after some time

The next thing that you can do is wait for some time and then try again later. This shall let Coinbase have enough time for completing its maintenance procedure and for making sure that everybody gets to use all of its features.


Is Coinbase not working even after trying these steps? If yes, then you should either refer to the FAQs that have been given on the official website of Coinbase or you can try seeking necessary assistance from the support representatives. Just make sure that you provide them with the correct details of the problem you are facing and what led you to this. This shall allow them to help you with the best resolutions they have.

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