Experiencing Coinbase unable to verify card? We got you!

We have indeed entered the next generation of human history, right? We have witnessed so many changes in the 21st century and if we pay attention, most of these changes came from the technical advancements that made our lives so much easier than they’ve ever been.

We were thinking of all the discoveries and inventions that came in the last few decades and we could not think of any better topic than to discuss the exclusive discovery of cryptocurrencies. For those who do not know, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be traded, invested, and spent only in the online realm, meaning, it has no physical existence.

Coinbase Unable to Verify Card

But that wasn’t the case in the initial years of its life- it was a basic computing currency with no expendable abilities. However, it managed to gain monetary worth and now, is recognized as the most expensive and highly valued digital asset in our tech advanced world.

Now, to serve the money-related criteria of the crypto funds, our society was gifted with highly equipped exchange platforms and we found ourselves fascinated by the entire charade. Although if we are being honest, we were much more fascinated by one very specific exchange platform- the Coinbase exchange.

The idea behind its creation was to bring together all the high-priced, reliable, and secured crypto variants in one single online location so that users do not have to make time between different exchanges. And the platform followed strict criteria checks before it cleared a token type to be added to its list.

But this is life and it cannot all be sugar and candies, right? Coinbase, even after being the best exchange in the world, cannot rule out the possibility of encountering hindrances. And here, we’ll be discussing a scenario where Coinbase is unable to verify card issues and has been a big obstacle.

What are the causes that lead to card verification issues?

As you might probably know, the online realm is extremely wide and anything can lead to anything. So, there can be several reasons for Coinbase not being able to verify a user’s card- some have been discovered, and some are still behind the curtain.

However, we intend to shed light on the “Coinbase unable to verify card” issue and then take you to the light by helping you fix the problem. Therefore, this part of the read has been equipped with an explicit point to make you understand the known causes:

  • The major reason is that users go for adding the same payment method more than once (mostly, unknowingly).
  • There can be an issue caused by a card processing network (i.e. third charge and not Coinbase verification amount).
  • Local currencies are used for verification amounts so setting up incorrect residences can be a huge cause of the issue.
  • Banks tend to round up verification amounts so that it is combined into one single charge, and that might create a problem for the card verification.
  • Sometimes mobile app versions hinder the service networks and there can be incorrect amounts provided.

So, if you’ve been asking around “What does it mean when my card cannot be verified?”, we’d like you to remember the causes mentioned above and take your pick. And don’t worry, we won’t just leave you here with the problem, we’ll help you get out too.

What are the common searches you’d find answers to?

Many users across the Coinbase platform have been reported to encounter the Coinbase unable to verify card problems and they all did what we usually do- surf through the Internet. They looked for common and related terms that might help them overcome the issue and we’d like you to know what they were looking for:

  • Can’t verify debit card and credit card on Coinbase
  • Coinbase card verification not working
  • Coinbase can’t add payment method account restricted
  • Coinbase CVN error
  • Coinbase payment verification CVN error

You must be wondering why, why would you want to know about people’s search history with the issue. Well, that is because we’ll be helping you find answers to each one of them.

We already told you the causes, and we’d like you to know that whenever you encounter it, you’d see an account restriction message flashing on the screen. Also, CVN error refers to Card Verification Error and thus is related to Coinbase unable to verify card.

Learning to register and sign in to a Coinbase login account

This part of the read has been prepared to help you with the steps to register for an account on the Coinbase platform and then, we’ll be walking you through the procedure of signing into your newly created account:

Coinbase registration steps

  1. Choose a device and ensure Internet reliability for further tasks.
  2. Head into your default or preferred web browser and get on the Coinbase site.
  3. Proceed to provide all the required data necessary for the crypto account.
  4. Go on and confirm 100% data validity and submit a phone number to register.
  5. Go through and finish up verification for identity and phone number.

Coinbase signing in steps

  1. Initiate by getting to the sign-in page by Coinbase and tap the given “Sign In” link.
  2. Head on to submit the required account credentials, ensure its validity, and hit “Sign In”.

Note: If you’re thinking, about why these steps, you should know that the Coinbase unable to verify card issue can only be encountered if you’ve created an account on the platform, logged into it, and then attempted to add payment methods or let’s say add your debit or credit cards.

What are the assured fixes to overcome this hindrance?

Finally, right? Well, we really wanted you to understand the problem before we can help you fix the Coinbase unable to verify card issue. And now that you’re thorough, here’s what we’d like you to try before you go to the customer support for help:

  • Before you start adding a payment method, go on to adjust and customize your Coinbase account settings.
  • Ensure that your set country of residence is correct and is compatible under Coinbase geographical jurisdiction.
  • Check to see if your bank has clearance to be compatible with your exchange account, if not, you’d have to use another bank card.
  • Make sure that the phone number you registered is also registered with the bank card you are attempting to add.
  • And the last thing we’d suggest is to wait at least 24 hours and try troubleshooting before contacting the authorities- the Coinbase support team, bank or card issuer, Internet service provider, and the like.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to introduce you to the world of technology and the discovery of cryptocurrency. But then, we assumed that you are probably aware of the concept so we thought of discussing one of the frequently occurring issues with one of the many exchange platforms but recognized as the best- the Coinbase exchange.

The issue we discussed has been reported throughout the platform to hinder efficient user experiences- Coinbase unable to verify cards. Reading along, you get to know about the major causes of the issue, the common searches that we aimed to answer, the registration and sign-in procedure, and of course, the troubleshooting measures to overcome the problem.

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