How to Clear Out “replacement Transaction Underpriced Error”?

To trade cryptocurrencies on the blockchain network, you are asked to make transactions to complete the desired task. Anyone who has valid payment details and funds can easily complete a transaction without making any mistakes. However, there are many people who are facing replacement transaction underpriced errors while making a transaction in the blockchain marketplace. This error might occur due to incorrect gas fees and it is a common error. But in case you are new to crypto trading, you might be puzzled by replacement transaction underpriced error. Here in this read, we are going to talk about how to fix replacement transaction underpriced errors. You can face this error with the wallets such as MetaMask, Trust, Coinbase, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Avax, Hardhat, Polygon, etc. Let’s move forward to learn more about this error.

Fix Replacement Transaction Underpriced Error

Why does the “Replacement Transaction Underpriced” error occur?

Expert says that this error might occur in the user’s wallet due to an outdated version of the app. When you input transactional details in the older version, the wallet might face issues in completing the operation and it may stay in the pending mode which can result “replacement transaction underpriced” error in your account.

What is the “Coinbase Wallet replacement transaction underpriced” error?

Users of Coinbase Wallet might face a “replacement transaction underpriced” error in their wallets under the transaction details fields. On the transactional page, you are prompted to enter the gas fees correctly. In case you have entered a lower gas fee than it charges then the payment may go in the pending queue. You must understand that each transaction has a different amount of fees. In case you trading NFTs, you may need to pay a higher fee than other transactions.

Solutions to fix “Replacement Transaction Underpriced” error

There are a few definite solutions that can help you to get rid of replacement transaction underpriced Trust Wallet error. What you need to do is, read on to learn the solutions and implement them to fix replacement transaction underpriced Uniswap error.

Solution 1: Choose a correct gas fee

The main cause behind the replacement transaction underpriced error is choosing the wrong fee amount. Before confirming the payment process, check for any errors on the page. If there is a replacement transaction underpriced Hardhat error then you need to fix it by entering the correct gas fee for the particular transaction. Once you clear the error sign from the transactional page, you need to confirm the process to make payment.

Solution 2: Use Smart Contracts Call

While making a transaction in the PancakeSwap wallet, you might face a replacement transaction underpriced PancakeSwap error as well. However, you can fix replacement transaction underpriced errors in your wallet by using the Smart Contracts Call feature. This feature can be found before clicking on the “Confirm” button. You can use this feature by clicking on the ‘Blue gear’ option situated in the upper right corner of the drop-down. Using this feature, you might be able to resolve replacement transaction underpriced Avax error as well.

Solution 3: Increase GWEI

You can fix Polygon replacement transaction underpriced error by increasing the gas price in the wallet. You can manually increase GWEI by finding its option. Once you increase the GWEI of your Polygon wallet, you will be able to fix the replacement transaction underpriced error.

Solution 4: Update software

By updating your crypto wallet, you can fix the MetaMask wallet replacement transaction underpriced error. Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, you need to visit App or Play Store to find the latest version of the wallet app. In case you are using the wallet on your PC, you need to visit the wallet’s official site to get the latest version of the wallet app or browser extension.

Solution 5: Use another browser to access the wallet

Sometimes you may face issues with your wallet due to a technical issue with your browser. You need to use another browser to access your wallet app. In case you are using an outdated browser then you need to update the browser or app before using the wallet.


Why does MetaMask transaction keep failing?

MetaMask transactions might keep failing due to different factors such as poor network connection, invalid payment details, lower gas fees, etc. MetaMask payment may also fail due to an outdated version of the MetaMask mobile app or browser extension. However, you can easily fix replacement transaction underpriced errors by entering the correct amount of gas fees.

How do I fix a transaction underpriced Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet users might also face transaction underpriced issues due to the lower gas fees on the transactional page. While making a transaction using a Trust Wallet, you need to enter higher gas fees in the corresponding fields. If you are using the older version of the Trust Wallet app, get the updated one immediately.

What is a replacement transaction?

Users who have pending transactions in their wallet account might face a “replacement transaction” error while overwriting a pending payment due to lower gas fees. You might be entering a lower gas fee than it should be. Now, use higher gas fees to fix replacement transaction underpriced errors in your wallet.

How do I cancel Ethereum transaction MetaMask?

The most efficient way to cancel a transaction in your MetaMask Wallet is using a custom nonce. You can easily enable customized transactions once by visiting the advanced settings of your MetaMask account. But before that, you should enable the advanced gas control feature to cancel an Ethereum transaction MetaMask.


To sum up, crypto wallet users might face replacement transaction underpriced errors due to several technical errors. Once you face such an issue, you need to implement some definite solutions to get rid of this error. Now, in case you are still facing such an issue, remove the wallet app from your device, and then you need to re-install the wallet to fix the replacement transaction underpriced error. You can also contact your wallet customer service agent for a quick fix. In case you are asked to check your network connection, you need to connect your mobile or PC to another WiFi network. Hopefully, you have fixed the transaction underpriced error by referring to this post.

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