How to Add Optimism to MetaMask

Looking to improve your Ethereum transactions?

If you are using MetaMask to manage your funds generated out of crypto trade then you can surely add pace to your transactions. In this read, we have tried to cover all the essential information relating to how you can lower the load on the network and add efficiency to your transactions.

How to Add Optimism to MetaMask

Through this intact read, we are going to peep into and learn the basic information relating to the complete process of how to add Optimism to MetaMask. Have a cursory check at the provided content and improve the speed of your Ethereum transactions by applying the provided steps.

Understanding the Optimism network

Optimism is a layer 2 scaling solution that works for the Ethereum blockchain. This network was launched back in the year 2021 and the major purpose of designing this network is to improve the speed and efficiency of the Ethereum transactions. The other purpose of launching this network is to cut down the gas fees. To make transactions work properly this network uses a technique called “Optimistic Rollups”. This technique first enables multiple transactions to be processed off-chain and then functions to get them verified and settled on the Ethereum Manniet.

 The key lineaments of this network

  • It majorly focuses on making Ethereum more accessible to a wider range of users
  • Helps in reducing the network load and improving the speed of transactions
  • Permits developers to build dApps
  • Compatible to work with existing Ethereum tools and infrastructure
  • The designed network is user-friendly and scalable

What reasons justify adding Optimism to MetaMask?

Before we look into the complete process of how to add Optimism to MetaMask, let’s first understand what are the factors that support this function. While finding the answer to this question, we have come across several points that will help in clearing your doubt. One of the most important and justified reasons behind adding this network to the MetaMask is that Optimism Layer 2 is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which makes it compatible. Further, this signifies that the network is designed using the same programming language as used in building Ethereum. And, this concept of using the same programming language is known as “Solidity”.

Learning how to add Optimism to MetaMask process precisely

In this section of the read, we will try to understand the complete process of adding Optimism to MetaMask precisely. However, you can even add Optimism to MetaMask mobile, and for this, you will have to first get its app downloaded on your mobile device. But, here, we will be operating the MetaMask via the web plugin i.e. through extensions.

The series of steps to be followed here are:

  1. Install an authentic MetaMask extension on your device (if you haven’t got one)
  2. Access your wallet and then click on “Add Networks”
  3. Copy and paste all the Optimism RPC details
  4. Hit on “Save” to get connected to the Optimism network

One of the important details that need special attention is the Optimism RPC URL. The other details concerning this process are Chain ID, currency symbol, network name, and others provided in the Optimism RPC list.

Another term relating to this network is the Optimism Bridge. The lack of cheap mechanisms that are capable of relaying arbitrary data across the chain involving trusted third-party verifiers lead to the emergence of Optimism Bridges. These bridges ensure a high level of security maintaining the simplicity parameter. In addition to this, it also contributes to ease-of-deployment of existing multisig bridges.

How to bridge ETH to Optimism?

After adding the network to the MetaMask, let’s have an overview of sending the ETH to the network. The steps required are as listed down:

  1. Reach the Optimism gateway and select the asset that you would like to bridge
  2. Determine the amount of ETH to be bridged
  3. When completed, click on “Deposit”
  4. Prompt notification will then appear on MetaMask to confirm and begin the bridging process. Hit on “Confirm”
  5. On successful confirmation, you can then monitor the transaction by using the provided EtherScan address

After the completion of the bridge process, you can then check the funds on Optimism. Further to add a token, ensure that you are having the correct Optimism token address MetaMask. You can even go for Optimism Scan. In this, you can get the Optimism address by scanning the provided QR code.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the process of how to add Optimism to MetaMask is a straightforward process that facilitates the users with multiple benefits. However, the basic purpose behind performing this process is to improve the transaction speed by lowering the load on the network. Further, it also helps in reducing the cost of the gas fee involved in the complete process. And, with all these benefits it has become the foremost choice of the investors.

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