How to change number in Binance

If you are using Binance exchange for the sake of trading crypto assets, you are probably aware of the security features it comes along with. Yes, the exchange uses a two-factor authentication method to provide additional layers to your account security. And for the purpose of activating the two-factor authentication feature, you simply need to link your phone number to your account.

How to change number in Binance

But, what if you lost that phone number or no longer have access to it? Well, in that case, what you can do is change the phone number that you have registered with your Binance account. Hence, in today’s post, we shall be having a quick look at the procedure to change numbers if you are struggling with Binance lost phone number problem.

Steps on Binance change phone number to (email) 

Wondering How to change number in Binance? Don’t worry anymore cause I am here to clear out all your queries on this. Alongside this, I will be helping you with some additional topics to understand things better. So, let’s get started:

  1. Here, your first step would be to complete the Binance login process
  2. Followed by this, you need to select your profile icon and then select the “Security” setting from the menu
  3. Here, you will see a list of security settings available for users
  4. Spot the “Phone number verification” setting
  5. Right next to it, select “Change”
  6. On the warning window, select “Confirm” to proceed further
  7. On the new window that shows up, please enter the required details
  8. Here, you can Binance add phone number and hit the “Submit” option

In case of a lost phone number, try this: 

Repeat the same procedure as explained above. In the last step i.e. step 8, you can select the “security verification unavailable Binance ” option present at the bottom of the page.

Right after this, you can choose the option that allows you to reset your security verification phone number. After ticking the given box, select the “Confirm Reset” option. At this stage, you need to complete the process of Binance email verification.

After submitting the email verification code successfully, you will be able to add a new phone number to your Binance account. Did you understand How to change numbers in Binance? If so, move forward to learn more about it.

How to unbind phone numbers in Binance?

If you no longer wish to use your phone number for two-factor authentication on Binance, then you need to remove it from your Binance account. In case you do not know the method to do so, here is what you can do:

  1. Sign into your Binance account using your Binance login credentials
  2. After that, you need to select the “Profile” icon of your account
  3. And then, look or the “Settings” menu and select it
  4. Next up, locate the “Phone number verification” setting and select “Remove” next to it
  5. Confirm your choice and enter the authentication code
  6. Right after this, choose the option to confirm the changes

After learning how to change numbers in Binance and how to unbind the phone number in it, let us now take a closer look at yet another important topic.

How to change email on Binance app?

The procedure of how to change email on Binance app or how to add email to Binance account is almost identical. Here are the steps you can follow to get the same done:

  1. Sign in to your Binance account and select the “Profile” menu
  2. After this, you can choose the “Security” option
  3. Right next to your email address, choose “Change”
  4. On the notice box, select “Next”
  5. Now, enter the email address that you wish to add to it and verify it
  6. Once done with the verification, your email address would be updated

Now, you can use this Binance email address to sign into your account whenever required. Also, from the same settings, you can Binance disable email verification, if you want, by selecting the “Remove” option next to your email address.

Fix the “Binance phone number already linked to an account” error 

If you are repeatedly seeing this error message on your screen while trying to add a new phone number to your Binance account, then there are several possibilities behind the same. Please note that this error message could be a result of the following:

  • The same phone number has been registered with another Binance account
  • You have already linked this phone number to your Binance account
  • Somebody has gained access to your account without any authorization

Whatever the reason, there is one thing that you can do in this scenario. All you need to do is navigate to the site and select the “Reset Phone Security verification” option. Lastly, follow the prompts to complete the procedure.

In addition to that, you can navigate to the Binance Support Center, if you do not know how to recover Binance account without email. However, during the process, you need to provide proof of your ownership.


Are you still wondering how to change numbers in Binance? If that is the case, I must tell you that the complete procedure is pretty easy to follow, as showcased above. Just apply these steps very patiently and you’ll be able to complete the procedure within a snap.

However, if you have got more queries, then do not forget to navigate to the support center.

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