How to transfer crypto from Kucoin to Binance?

Wandering for the cheapest way to transfer from Kucoin to Binance??

Hold on!! We have done empirical research and based on that we have come up with this piece of information to share with you the simplest and the most convenient way to transfer crypto from Kucoin to Binance.

Kucoin to Binance

But before that, we will be looking at the basic essentials that one should keep in his mind before initiating the process of transferring digital assets from Kucoin to Binance. However, the list of prerequisites is not too large, but yes, these essentials are considered vital to ensure that the crypto investors don’t have to go through any unbearable loss or adverse situation.

Things to pay heed to are:

  • Initiate the process by transferring a small number of digital assets
  • Do an in-depth analysis before selecting a network for sending the digital assets
  • Do not attempt to transfer a non-supported token otherwise you might end up losing them

A blueprint of how to transfer crypto from Kucoin to Binance

The very first step to be performed for transferring crypto from Kucoin to Binance is the withdraw the funds from Kucoin. So here, we will first learn the steps of withdrawing the crypto funds from Kucoin and they are as listed down:

  1. Get into your Kucoin account after performing the required credentials
  2. On the main page of Kucoin, you will find the “Assets” tab
  3. Drag your cursor to the “Assets” section, it will then display the list
  4. From the displayed list, tap on the main account for switching to the funds page
  5. You will then be able to see the complete list of the coins available, click on the “Withdraw” option next to the coin that you wish to withdraw
  6. In case you are holding multiple coins and are unable to locate the one you are looking for, simply make a search for that coin using the search function placed on the right side of the displayed page
  7. After clicking on the “Withdraw” option, users will be then prompted with a withdrawal form, complete it accurately

While filling up the information to proceed with the withdrawal, double-check the address and network stage for a correct transfer of funds. If you are looking to transfer the USDT with the above-listed points, you have climbed up the first step of how do I send USDT from Kucoin, while selecting the coins for withdrawal choose USDT.

Your next move in how to send crypto from Kucoin

After successfully achieving the first milestone in the process of Kucoin minimum withdrawal USDT, it’s now time to proceed ahead with the next one. The next step in this ladder is to get the deposit address from Binance. However, this step doesn’t consume much of the investor’s time and can be completed within a short duration.

To steps to get the deposit address from Binance and to put an end to the process of how to transfer crypto from Kucoin to Binance:

  1. Commence the process by getting to the Binance account after completing the log in process
  2. Pick up the coin that you are looking to deposit> reach the fund’s section
  3. Hit on the “Fiat and Spot” button to get redirected to your funds
  4. Search for the coins that you wish to deposit either by going through the search results or by using the search filter
  5. To reach the deposit page, click on the “Deposit” button
  6. At last, it will show you the deposit address, copy the same to use it further for deposit by the Kucoin

After reaching the deposit page, you can either modify the coin that you wish to deposit, if not then continue with the selected coin only. Just ensure that you have selected the same coin in Kucoin and Binance as well.

Your last step in transferring crypto from Kucoin to Binance transfer USDT

For successfully transferring the crypto funds from Kucoin to Binance, you have almost completed more than half of the journey. But, you need to be very attentive while performing these last steps because a slight mistake will ruin all your efforts and progress. The last steps to be put into action are:

  1. Paste the deposit address copied from the Binance in the “Wallet Address” bar of the Kucoin
  2. Ensure you have pasted the correct address
  3. Enter the amount of the funds to be transferred in the provided space and then confirm it
  4. Enter your password and click on the “Send Code” button to get the verification code
  5. Enter the Google Authenticator code as well on your device
  6. After doing so, click on “Submit” to end the process

These are the detailed steps that will help you in transferring the crypto funds from Kucoin to Binance. Moving ahead, if we look at the fee structure and most particularly the Kucoin to Binance transfer fee then it charges the same fee from the taker and the maker i.e. 0.1%.

Thinking of transferring funds to the Ledger?- keep these things in mind!!

If you are thinking to get engaged in the complete process of how to transfer crypto from Kucoin to the Ledger, there are certain things that one should keep in his mind and they are:

  • Ensure you are working with the latest version of the Ledger
  • Check if your device is running the latest firmware version
  • Ensure to close the Ledger after completing the task

Final Verdict

The aim behind covering this content was to answer your query regarding how to transfer crypto from Kucoin to Binance. Moreover, even if you are attempting to move the funds from Binance to Kucoin USDT then also ensure that you are proceeding ahead with the correct details. Avoid typing in the address manually rather try to copy and paste it to eliminate mistakes.

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