How to Withdraw From Coinbase Wallet to Bank Account

Coinbase has been on top of the crypto exchange list and we agree that all of its services drip of the highest efficiencies. And that would be inclusive of the perfectly designed Coinbase Wallet service that offers traders security tools and protocols to keep their crypto funds safe and protected in this highly dangerous cyber world.

How to Withdraw From Coinbase Wallet to Bank Account

Yes, you can use your Coinbase exchange account to sign up on the wallet platform but, you ought to know that there is no restriction about possessing a Coinbase account to its wallet service, which means you can sign up directly on the wallet portal as well. You can even undergo effective and efficient trade transactions directly via your account there.

We really think that this exclusively crafted wallet is the best alternative among a sea of wallet services in our dynamic and fast world. Registering and signing in is as easy as you can imagine and so are the deposit and withdrawal procedures. We are confident that you will not face issues till the point where you deposit your funds, but we’d like to help you with ‘how to withdraw from Coinbase Wallet to bank account’, and thus, the detailed read below.

Let’s figure out what Coinbase wallet is used for…

You might have a lot of questions about the Coinbase Wallet along with ‘how to withdraw from Coinbase Wallet to a bank account’. So, we thought, we’d tell you why we suggest you use this wallet service. Its’ major function is to keep your cryptocurrency tokens safe and have complete authority over your funds.

The total control factor comes along with the fantastic fact that it is a self-custody wallet service. Other questions that may arise in your mind are – ‘is Coinbase wallet safe?’; ‘what to do for the Coinbase wallet login?’; ‘how to undergo the Coinbase wallet download?’; and more. But don’t you worry, you’ll get answers to each one of them, once you begin your journey with the wallet service.

What are the popular searches for wallet withdrawal?

As we’ve mentioned in the subject line, this part of the read helps you know about what people across the world have been searching for on the Internet about Coinbase Wallet and its transfer ways:

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Go on to withdraw your crypto funds from wallet to bank

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through the detailed procedure that will answer your question on ‘how to withdraw from Coinbase Wallet to bank account?’:

  1. First, use the set credentials and get into the wallet account.
  2. Direct your cursor to hit “Assets” and then “Cash balance”.
  3. Move on to the “Cash Out” tab and feed in the withdrawal amount.
  4. Now, “Continue” to settle for the destination you’d withdraw to.
  5. Again, hit “Continue” to confirm all your choices and finish.

Have you been thinking – why can’t I withdraw from Coinbase?

Now that we’ve told you about the steps for “how to withdraw from Coinbase Wallet to bank account” no, it is time to tell you about the major causes that lead you to experience hindrances while you attempt to withdraw from Coinbase:

  • Geographical interruptions are coming in between due to restrictions
  • You are a new user on the platform or have created an account again
  • The mandatory account verification is yet to be performed and completed
  • You might have used the linked credit card to make a purchase, recently
  • Your account might have been flagged by the brand for fraudulent tasks

Keep in mind that all the solutions you can employ are highly dependent on the issue that you are having, so find the problem first, before you can fix it. If you have difficulty doing it, we’d suggest you get in touch with the Coinbase wallet support. Or you can also head into the following website links or URLs to ask for help –


How do I get money out of a Coinbase wallet?

Well, the question of ‘how to withdraw from Coinbase Wallet to a bank account?’ or ‘how to get money out of Coinbase?’ is extremely basic, after all, what gets deposited, needs to be withdrawn at some point in time. Thus, we brought you the easiest answer that can help you with it, all you have to do is undergo the steps we laid below:

  1. Launch the mobile app for Coinbase.
  2. On reaching the Home Tab, direct towards “More”.
  3. When the drop menu appears, go with “Cash Out”.
  4. Fill in with the amount you’d like to withdraw.
  5. Settle for the destination of the transfer.
  6. And, go ahead to “Preview Cash Out”.
  7. Finally, the last step would be to tap “Cash Out Now”.

Why can’t I withdraw money from Coinbase wallet?

It is a given that technology products and services will encounter issues throughout their life cycle and the only thing that we can do is know how to recover from or overcome such issues and move to continue our journey. Likewise, the issue that Coinbase wallet users face most is the hindrance in withdrawing money from the wallet service and we have managed to procure the reasons that users come across the issue, as it is important to know before knowing the steps for ‘How to withdraw from Coinbase Wallet to bank account?”:

  • Region or area restrictions are interfering
  • Your account has been newly created
  • The account verification step hasn’t been done yet
  • The credit card you linked was recently used for a purchase
  • For suspicious tasks, the account is fraud-flagged

You need to know that the resolution to issues will vary depending upon whatever issue you are facing, so, try and find it out before you look for the fixes.

Can you withdraw from Coinbase wallet to your bank account?

The first question that our readers have been asking is ‘can they withdraw money from their bank accounts?’ and the answer to the question is “Yes, they definitely can”. But, that is not it, you need to ensure that you also have the answer to the second question – “How to withdraw from Coinbase Wallet to a bank account?” And don’t worry, it isn’t a very lengthy procedure, it is simply a few steps that you would have to follow. One way to do it is to get to the Settings menu, choose the option reading “Transfer” and keep up with the onscreen prompts that come up.

How do I withdraw money from my wallet?

The Coinbase exchange has managed to grab the first position in offering the best crypto services and delivering the highest standards of user satisfaction. It has been like this for quite some time now and Coinbase aims to keep it that way for as long as crypto exists. It even launched an in-house wallet for all the crypto traders and since then, one question has been hovering over their heads – “How to withdraw from Coinbase Wallet to Bank Account?” With the assumption that you have a bank account that is linked to the Coinbase wallet, we thought you might need some help. Just head into the wallet accounts’ Settings section and move further with the option for “Transfer” and then just follow through with the instructions coming up.


As you can understand, the above read is not very long but is exclusively precise and it focuses on helping people with answering one very simple question of the cryptocurrency world – “How to withdraw from Coinbase Wallet to bank account?” And keeping this subject as the star of the read, we are sure that every detail mentioned in the read above, will prove its worth when the time comes.

To conclude the read, we’d like to say that the Coinbase wallet has been created to provide crypto safety and being a product of the number one crypto exchange in the world, it houses some of the most efficient and premium-level security protocols for the same. It was our responsibility to introduce you to such an amazing crypto service that has the ability to protect and enhance your time with crypto.

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