How to Send or Receive Erc20 Tokens on Metamask?

As we all know that MetaMask is a wallet that shows high-level compatibility with the standard ERC-20 tokens, therefore this guidebook will be offering you the complete details about MetaMask ERC20 tokens. Well, it is pretty understandable that you might not get the concept of crypto tokens so easily, especially the technical terms involved, and other related aspects. However, if you undergo the right approach towards all of this, you’ll be able to trade with these crypto tokens easily and quickly.

Metamask Erc20

Thus, in the sections below, we will be offering you a whole bunch of knowledgeable topics so that you do not face any trouble while understanding what needs to be done. And, all of the topics given below would be discussed in association with the MetaMask wallet. So, we suggest you stay tuned to learn more and more about it.

Answering is MetaMask ERC20 or BEP2

ERC20 (Ethereum network) or BEP2 (Binance Smart Chain Network) are definitely supported by MetaMask. Thus, if you wish to get new tokens issues to you through this blockchain, you can definitely use MetaMask for the same purpose. Now, let us learn how to receive ERC20 tokens on MetaMask. However, to do so, you need to generate an ERC20 wallet address first. And, to do this, you can follow the procedure given in the next section.

Receiving tokens through MetaMask ERC20 wallet address

In order to generate the MetaMask ERC20 wallet address, here is the set of instructions you need to bear in mind and follow:

  1. The first step that you need to take here is to visit the website
  2. Find and download the extension to your web browser
  3. Agree to the given terms and set up your wallet by following some easy steps
  4. Now, you need to go to the “Deposit Ether Directly” tab
  5. And, from there, click on the “View account” option
  6. Here, you will be able to view and copy your address

Well, you can use the same address on any portal from where you have to request ERC20 tokens

How do you convert MetaMask ERC20 to BEP20?

  1. At first, open MetaMask and select the “Add token” option
  2. After this, select the “add token contract address”
  3. Now, you need to go to the Binance Bridge webpage
  4. Here, you have to connect your MetaMask wallet
  5. On this page, you need to ensure that the Ethereum network is selected as “Source” and the BSC network is selected as the “Destination” address
  6. Then, choose how much amount you wish to convert
  7. Make sure that the sender, as well as the receiving address, is the same
  8. Now, confirm the transaction after reviewing the gas fee

Learn how to add ERC20 network to MetaMask

To generate your own ERC20 wallet address and add the ERC20 network to MetaMask, follow the set of guidelines enlisted below:

  1. Install and add the MetaMask extension to a compatible web browser
  2. Now, set up your wallet by following the prompted steps
  3. Thereafter, you need to click on the “Add custom token” option
  4. In the contract address field, enter the ERC20 address
  5. Now, your MetaMask wallet is all set to receive HCL tokens

Is MetaMask ERC20 or BSC?

Well, the MetaMask plugin is compatible with both ERC20 standard tokens and the tokens developed over the Binance Smart Chain network. Thus, if you have to work with the ERC20 or BSC tokens, you can definitely choose to go ahead with MetaMask. All you need to do is download the MetaMask ERC20 plugin, set up your wallet, and start using the extension right away.


  • Is MetaMask ERC-20 compatible?

MetaMask which works as a browser extension and gives you access to the blockchain apps shows great compatibility with ERC-20 tokens. In order to begin trading with ERC-20 standard tokens, you just need to fund your MetaMask wallet with enough ETH and there you go.

  • Is MetaMask ERC-20 or BEP2?

If you want to trade with ERC-20 standard tokens and BEP2 tokens, then you can definitely choose the MetaMask platform for doing so. This browser-based plugin supports both Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain networks so that you can work with them without having to go anywhere.

  • Can you send ERC-20 tokens to MetaMask?

Yes, of course, one can easily send ERC-20 tokens to MetaMask. For doing the same, you just need to get your ERC20 address and paste the same address into the “Send” tab of MetaMask. However, before you do that, just make sure that you have enough ETH in your accounts in order to pay the transaction fee.

  • How do I get ERC-20 on MetaMask?

In order to get ERC20 tokens in your MetaMask account, you just need to generate an ERC-20 compatible wallet address. For this, you first need to install the MetaMask wallet extension on your device and then set up your account on it. Once done with that, click on the “Add custom token” and enter the contract address in the available space.


Through this article, we have given you a glance at the details on MetaMask transfer between networks. Along with that, we have tried to answer a few questions that users were eager to know about. Thus, you can refer to the sections given above and make sure that you carefully read through the instructions and apply them. However, if you still have doubts regarding MetaMask ERC20 tokens and how to deal with them, you can navigate to the official website of MetaMask. Also, there are umpteen help articles present on different online platforms to help you with the same. Now, to give you some more insights into it, let us now discuss the topic with the help of some “Frequently Asked Questions.”

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