Facing “Phantom wallet transaction may fail to confirm”?

Don’t you just admire how the world has been changing? And when it comes to technical evolution, we have certainly broken free of the bounds and established the unimaginable. But, what we cannot stop fascinating about is the entire cryptocurrency world on the online platform.

Phantom Wallet Transaction May Fail to Confirm

That’s right! Cryptocurrencies have been acting as a very significant step towards creating a highly digital world with thousands and thousands of possibilities. Also, did you know that along with multiple crypto variants there are several blockchain networks that you can explore and choose from?

Well, there are and one of them is the Solana blockchain network, which managed to get recognized as one of the most efficient and easily accessible blockchains that drips of crypto goodness with its in-house crypto variant- the SOL token.

We are here to talk about the Phantom Wallet, which is also known as the Solana Wallet because it is based on it. But to be precise, we are here to talk about the “Phantom Wallet transaction may fail to confirm” issue.

Yes, this amazing wallet service on Solana encounters issues, just like any other technical and/or online product or service. And here, this informative read has been focused on helping you to understand the causes that lead to this problem and the ways you can troubleshoot it to resume your wallet experience.

How do you come across the transactions failing to confirm?

Well, as far as we know, the “Phantom Wallet transaction may fail to confirm” hindrance is not very rare, and can also be recognized as the “Solana transaction may fail to confirm” issue. So, this part of the read will help you understand what are the causes that end with you encountering the problem:

  • Your Phantom Wallet hacked
  • The Phantom Wallet error with either the Internet or the brand server
  • Your account on Phantom Wallet not working
  • Discovering unknown token in Phantom Wallet
  • Network or server interruptions led to Phantom Wallet swap failed
  • The Phantom wallet transaction history of owed taxes

How to fix the confirmation failure issue for transactions?

We procured the list of causes that can possibly be behind you encountering the troublesome “Phantom Wallet transaction may fail to confirm” hindrance. And now, we think its time to help you with things you can do to fix it or overcome it:

  • Review and ensure that you have a good reliable network connection
  • Ensure your in-use device is stated compatible for the wallet access
  • Check to see if you can get hold of any unauthorized transactions
  • Clear the taxes levied on transactions depending on the jurisdiction
  • And finally, if nothing works, turn to seek Phantom Wallet support


Why is my phantom wallet not working?

Well, you know, it is a product of the technical era that we are leading today and speaking from experience backed by past records, Phantom Wallet not working is an issue prone to be encountered. Also, it might lead you to the “Phantom Wallet transaction may fail to confirm” issue. Therefore, we’ve procured the recommended measures that you can apply to overcome the problem:

  • Review the wallet UI on your browser and remove the added hardware wallet (if any)
  • Uninstall the wallet plugin and reboot the device you were using to reinstall and use it

Is Phantom wallet trustworthy?

Although sometimes the Phantom wallet transaction may fail to confirm, however, it doesn’t mean there is some safety hindrance. Trust us, this Solana-based wallet service is highly safe and highlights its attempt to put users in charge of their data, crypto funds, and wallet accounts. It is known as the most efficient self-custodial wallet service on the Solana blockchain network that exclusively offers encrypted private keys that get saved on the user’s device, and ergo, full control.

How do I reset my phantom wallet?

Are you facing the “Phantom Wallet transaction may fail to confirm” issue? Well, resetting the Phantom Wallet service, may aid the situation and help you overcome it. Therefore, enlisted are the steps you’d need to undergo:

  1. Access your wallet account and head into the “Settings”.
  2. Scroll through the appeared screen and hit the red key.
  3. The red key option must say “Reset Secret Recovery Phrase”.
  4. Head to re-import your wallet with the recovery phrase.
  5. Wait for your account to get detected and get availed.

Why does my phantom wallet have a red dot?

The problem of Phantom Wallet transaction may fail to confirm is prone to encounter at any point of your wallet experience. But the red and green dot you see at the top-right corner of your wallet UI has nothing to do with it. However, it does imply that the wallet account you have is connected to the website your browser currently has open (or maybe not).


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you understand the concept behind technical issues for the exclusive services that we use today. Talking of cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks, we thought you should know about the Phantom Wallet and the issue it encounters.

The above read has been focused on one of the wallet problems that can be recognized as the “Phantom wallet transaction may fail to confirm” problem. Reading through, you learned the causes that can lead you to the hindrance and the fixes you are recommended to undertake for overcoming it.

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