Ever Thought About How to Set a Stop Loss on Coinbase?

Here crypto, there crypto, everywhere crypto- the digitized currencies managed to understand our highly technical era and today is the most used digital asset the world has ever seen. In fact, there are tons of digital assets but crypto has the highest expendable value.

If you’ve heard the story, you know how amazing the crypto journey is but if you do not then let us tell you- cryptocurrencies journeyed from being free of cost digital assets with advanced cryptography to being the highest valued digital asset that is easily accessible.

Crypto today, isn’t just a mere way to generate income, it also opens doors for us to the crypto world so that we can explore, learn and discover how our future trades and investments might be. And to be honest, none of this would have been possible for our world, if after the crypto launch, nobody ideated and designed the exchange platforms.

Speaking of which, Coinbase and Coinbase pro exchange platforms are quite set on stealing the show since its launch, and frankly, they’ve been doing a great job in the uncertain crypto world. So, we thought why not help you with one of the recent feature developments- limit or stop loss on Coinbase. After all, in such an uncertain world, we need to take all the help that we can get.

First, you ought to know Coinbase and Coinbase Pro

stop loss on coinbase

You may have an idea that the two exchange services are connected and yes, they are. We simply wanted you to have a baseline before we dive into the specifics of the stop loss on Coinbase feature. Coinbase is one of the first exchange services that surfaced on the Internet, and with exclusive features and perks, it made it to the top of the chain.

However, as time went by, people learned more and more about crypto, they excelled at making investment decisions and they needed much more than a basic exchange platform. Therefore, the Coinbase Pro exchange was ideated, designed, and launched for the advanced crypto fanatics that simply needed more.

So, let us help you understand a few traits that explain the two exchange versions with utmost clarity. Listed below are a few traits that you can yield when you are a part of the Coinbase community:

  • User accounts on both Coinbase platforms have open access to the discovery and trade opportunities of a wide range of crypto
  • Coinbase and Coinbase Pro have been designed with a user-friendly account interface and are set to enrich the trading journey
  • The limit and stop loss on Coinbase are new additions to the feature-book and have been driving in more users than ever
  • Learning programs entailed on the exchanges may even pay the user accounts for participation
  • Both service platforms have an employed feature of high liquidity that is appreciated throughout their user base

Know the newly added feature to improve your crypto journey

So, we’ve heard a lot about the new take profit and stop loss on Coinbase feature, and we thought, we must share the details. Therefore, we created this exclusive part of the read to help you understand the trait and tell you all that we know about it.

When we talk about the stop order ideology, it refers to the eligibility trait that allows users to specify the market price of their preferred crypto so that it matches the price they’d like to execute the crypto order. If we had to explain it with even more simplicity, we’d say that users on the exchange set up a particular price and the order gets triggered as soon as the market price of the crypto matches it.

Now, the price that users have been setting up is known as the stop price and it has been put to motion for achieving three goals in particular- crypto traders get appropriate help to protect their profits, losses on trade transactions are vastly limited, and helping users to initiate new positions for their crypto positions.

“How to use stop loss on Coinbase Pro & Coinbase?” We’ll help!

We’ve noticed people learning what the stop loss on Coinbase is and then move to look for answers to a simple question- “How do you set up take profit and stop loss Coinbase Pro?”. And as always, we have obliged the opportunity to create this exclusive read. Moving on, you’d go through the enlisted steps of setting up the stop loss trait on your Coinbase user account:

  1. Choose to sign in to your account on either Coinbase or Coinbase pro.
  2. When you see it, choose “Trade View” and then move to “Orders Form”.
  3. Place your hit on the “STOP” tab and hit on the “Buy” or “Sell” tile.
  4. Moving forward specify the required details for triggering the order.
  5. Whenever you are prompted, confirm the amount for the “Limit Price”.

We’d also help with how to set limit order on Coinbase app

Seems like we are at the end of our journey of sharing exclusive details on setting up the new trait of stop loss on Coinbase. Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through the explicit steps of setting up limit orders on the Coinbase mobile application. So, without waiting any further, we’d like to take you through the procedure below:

  1. Like any other procedure, it is important that you login.
  2. Now, move to the “Trade View” section, and tap on the “Orders Form” tab.
  3. Submit your desired action next by choosing either the “Buy” or “Sell” option.
  4. For the next step, the price limit of your order and the size of your order needs to be specified.
  5. Head to the “Advanced” settings, and choose between “Post only” and “Allow Taker”.
  6. And finally, to close the order transaction, place your tap on the link that reads “Place Order”.

Note: If someday, you come across the “Coinbase Pro stop loss not working” issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the official customer support team of the Coinbase and Coinbase Pro services.


The detailed read above has been carefully ideated and designed to introduce you to the Coinbase and the Coinbase Pro exchange that has been leading the crypto world for quite some time now. You should know that the major reason behind their success has always been the traits users get to experience.

And so, we brought to you a very unique and one of the recent developments of the exchange service traits- the “Stop loss on Coinbase” feature. Reading through the above data piece, you probably went through every specific detail that has been deemed necessary to know before you decide on using the feature. We hope you learned everything that you needed to.

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