Reasons and solutions for failed Uphold transactions

Uphold is being used by a lot of crypto traders to fulfill their trading needs and safely manage their cryptos. However, to use the buy and sell feature of Uphold, you will need to link a payment option to it. For example, you can link your bank account or use the credit/debit card option to make transactions through your Uphold account. However, there could be times when you may not be able to make transactions through your Uphold account. Well, there could be nothing more horrifying than a situation when you constantly see the “Uphold transaction failed” error message on your screen.

uphold transaction failed

There could be several reasons resulting in this error and you may need to scrutinize each resultant factor in order to make sure that you know the problem-causing agent which would then help you in finding out the relevant solution. So, let’s begin finding out the root cause of this problem.

Factors responsible for Uphold withdrawal problems

In the points below, we shall be describing the different factors that according to us could be the real problem behind the Uphold transaction failed issue. So, check out the points given below and learn more about them:

  • The first and most basic reason why your transaction is failing is that you do not have enough funds in the bank account you are trying to transact through
  • According to the official Uphold website, the same could happen when you are dealing with equities and the equity market is supposedly closed
  • In addition to that, in case you are transacting through your sub-accounts on Uphold, then also you will not be allowed to undergo any transactions
  • Since Uphold has its own daily, weekly, and monthly transaction limit, crossing this limit would result in this error
  • Last but not least, if you take any action against the terms set by Uphold, your account would be restricted from making any kind of transactions

Elaborating on Uphold transaction limits

  • Through debit/credit card

The funding limit is a minimum of $10/ €10/ £10 per week and a maximum of $1500/week. However, there is no limit on withdrawals.

  • Bank transfer US (ACH)

The minimum bank transfer limit is $10, while the maximum is $2500/day. On the other hand, you can withdraw a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $10,000/day.

For more information on the transaction limits and details on Uphold transaction failure problem, you can always refer to the official website of Uphold.

How much time does it take to withdraw from Uphold?

If a user has funded his account through SEPA, then he can make the withdrawal of the same amount only after 1-2 business days. The same would happen if you wish to transfer your funds to another person. In the case of deposits made through the ACH networks, the Uphold withdrawal time would be 4 business days.

Working solutions to fix Uphold transaction failed issue

There are definitely some working solutions that would help you in fixing this problem and help you with making the withdrawals smoothly:

  • At first, what you can do is make sure that you have enough funds to make the withdrawal and pay the transaction fee as well
  • Next up, you also should keep the Uphold transaction limits in your mind and at the same time abide by them
  • If you are not able to withdraw to one bank account, try withdrawing to another account
  • Make sure that you have not done anything against the rules set by Uphold


Has your Uphold transaction failed lately and you are not able to figure out why? Well, the detailed post given above would definitely help you in figuring out the reasons why the transaction is failing along with the sure short working solutions to get rid of the issue. Apart from this, we have also talked about the transaction limits set by Uphold and the time taken to get any transaction confirmed. We hope you liked this post and we believe you were able to find a solution to this problem.

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