Wondering why Coinbase QR scanner not working? Let us help!

In this amazingly digitized world, we are here with exclusive details about one of the exchange platforms for the most expensive digital assets of all time. If you do not have any idea of what we’re talking about here, we’d love to tell you that the digital asset we mentioned are cryptocurrencies, and the exchange is Coinbase.

Crypto has managed to get all the attention that it truly deserves very quickly and it has been noted to change the entire financial industry with its features and services, especially the one that lets users earn exciting returns.

And as you might already know, Coinbase is announced to be the most reliable and the best exchange service in the world. It allows users to experience and benefit from a huge series of features and perks that enhances the overall crypto journey.

Coinbase, to stay pace with the tech advancements, introduced a very new feature for users to help them at the time of receiving crypto funds- the QR code scanner. It makes the transfer easier than it ever was and is proof of a hassle-free experience.

Here, in the below read, we will be focusing extensively on the QR code feature along with a major focus on the “Coinbase QR scanner not working” issue, which seems to be a great concern for most of the users on the Coinbase network.

How are Coinbase Pro and Coinbase so different?

The first thing you need to know is that Coinbase was the first of all its branches and then came, Coinbase Pro. The former version caters to the crypto needs of all kinds of users and works intently to deliver the same user experience- beginners and advanced users alike.

Coinbase and Coinbase Pro only have one difference apart from the few services that they offer- the former version supports every crypto fanatic or investor to be a part, and the latter only allows advanced crypto traders to become a part of the exchange community. However, when we talk about the Coinbase QR scanner not working, it can happen with both exchange versions.

How do you think you can scan the Coinbase QR code?

Well, let us tell you about the explicit step guide that you’ll have to follow when you go to scan the QR code on Coinbase:

  1. Initiate by getting access to your account on Coinbase.
  2. Now, head into the option that reads “Crypto Addresses”.
  3. Spot “Assets” and under its menu, place a hit on “Add”.
  4. Or you can first go to “All Assets” to make your crypto choice.

Note: In step 3, as you hit on the “Add” option tab, you’ll get the QR code for each and every crypto that you’d want to receive. But after that, if at some point, you encounter the “Coinbase QR scanner not working” issue, we will later help you get through it.

The “Coinbase QR scanner not working” issue troubleshoot

When we talk about the scanner not working, it may indicate that due to some issue your device has encountered the “Coinbase wallet browser not working” issue. Or it may even mean that once you’ve logged into your user account, you encounter the “Coinbase wallet QR scanner not working” problem.

Other problems may be listed as UniSwap QR code not scanning or Crypto com won’t scan QR code, etc., but don’t worry, we are here to coinbase help. The major reasons that we have procured for the issue are “Coinbase Wallet invalid QR code”.

You should know that the Walletlink Coinbase QR code changes with each transaction and you need to make sure that you are scanning the correct QR code for the transaction in processes, and that can be generated with every separate transaction for each crypto selection.

Make sure that you are using the newest QR code generated, your Internet connection is 100% reliable, and the device and/or the third-party app you are using has been fully updated. But if, even after all of this, nothing seems to work, go on to connect with the customer support team as soon as you can.

Coinbase QR code Sweepstakes and SuperBowl Coinbase QR code

Now that you’ve understood how the Coinbase QR scanner not working issue can be solved, we thought, you might want to hear about something amazing the Coinbase QR code brought along- the Coinbase QR code Sweepstakes.

It is known to be the most renowned promotional tool that got launched to date and the basic idea behind it is to provide incentives to encourage people to use the QR code scans for a better and smoother experience.

And the Super Bowl ad was Coinbase’s debut that got more popular than we ever thought was possible. Its content was cleverly arranged with a colorful QR code bouncing throughout, which, on scanning took users to the Coinbase promotion page. It offered a limited duration of free Bitcoin worth $15 for new users and a giveaway to participate for $3million.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I scan a QR code with Coinbase?

The major reason behind the “QR code scan” discovery was to help users with receiving cryptocurrencies to their Coinbase account, and here are the steps to do so:

Why is my QR scanner not working?

Are you one of the users, who have been reporting your encounter with the “Coinbase QR scanner not working” problem? Worry not, we’re here with the solutions that we think can be exclusively effective. But before that, you need to know the major or the basic reasons that lead us to the issue:

  • The Android device you are using for Coinbase is not Android 9 or any higher version.
  • The connected Internet network houses server issues that hinder your experience.

Now, there are just a few things that we’d like you to try before you go on to asking for help from the Coinbase support system- check and update your Android version in use, Ensure a full update of the Coinbase app, and of course, go on to use third-party apps for scanning the QR code for the transfer.

Is Coinbase the same as Coinbase wallet?

No, Coinbase and the Coinbase Wallet are not the same things- the former is a centralized exchange network that caters to your trading and storing needs, and the latter is a self-hosted wallet service that helps you get complete control of the crypto funds and digital art that you’ve acquired on the device you use to access it. When we talk about the “Coinbase QR scanner not working” issue, it can only point to the issue occurring on your wallet account at the time of receiving crypto from other user accounts.

What is Coinbase QR code?

Yes, when you come across a time when the Coinbase QR scanner not working, it may cause some interference. However, before you look for resolutions to overcome the problem, we think, you should know what a QR code is and why is it used on Coinbase. These codes are similar to barcodes that are recognized as an efficient machine-friendly way to share pieces of data. And for Coinbase, it can be defined as a unique digital representation of either public or private key that has the potential to be scanned by all the digital cameras for making transfer transactions.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to introduce you to a new feature that Coinbase introduced- the QR code scan for receiving crypto wealth into the user accounts.

Reading through the above data piece you learned about the steps to scan the QR code along with a major focus on overcoming the hindrance, as and when you encounter the Coinbase QR scanner not working problem, and some additional data.